Welcome back to Mentally Flexible! In this episode I speak with Marriage and Family Therapist, Kimberley Quinlan. Kimberley specializes in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and other related disorders. She has previously served as the Clinical Director of the OCD Center of Los Angeles and currently runs a private practice.

Kimberley has been featured in many world known media outlets, such as LA Times, Wall Street Journal, and many of my favorite podcasts.  She is the host of her own podcast, Your Anxiety Toolkit and has an amazing instagram page full of resources that I suggest you check out. 
 We explore a range of topics including:
 – OCD and some common misunderstandings
 –  A few of the subtypes of OCD 
 – What treatment generally looks like
 – The role of self-compassion and values
 – Kimberley’s Eating Disorder history
 – What recovery looks like for her today
 – What we value most about being therapists 
 Learn more about Kimberley and get a ton of great free resources:

Website: https://www.cbtschool.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kimberleyquinlan/?

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