Welcome back to Mentally Flexible! My guest today is James Fox, Founding Director of Prison Yoga Project. I met James several years ago when I attended one of his trainings to learn more about trauma-informed yoga and how it can be implemented in prisons. James is a pioneer in this area as he began teaching yoga to incarcerated individuals in San Quentin Prison in 2002 and ultimately founding the Prison Yoga Project. Since then James has trained thousands of teachers who have replicated PYP’s methodology in 28 states and many other countries. He is also the author of Yoga: a Path for Healing and Recovery, which is available free of charge to any prisoner who requests a copy. It has now been sent to over 33,000 people.

In this episode we explore:
– The early years of Prison Yoga Project
– How James works with racial and cultural differences
– How you can make yoga trauma-informed
– How to be a witness to another’s suffering
– The path of Karma Yoga
– The difference between being a helper and being of service
– James’ vision for the future of prison reform

Learn more about Prison Yoga Project at https://prisonyoga.org/

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