Welcome back to Mentally Flexible! My guest today is Dr. Alysse Loomis. Alysse is an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, in the College of Social Work. She also has experience as a clinician specializing in early childhood trauma. Alysse’s current research explores the impact of early childhood trauma and other adversity. She is interested in identifying mechanisms through which childhood adversity contributes to educational and health disparities as well as understanding how natural systems of care, such as schools, can be leveraged to prevent future adversity exposure and support child well-being.

In this episode we explore a range of topics including:

  • Alysse’s background in researching trauma 
  • The overlap of trauma and attachment disruptions 
  • Alysse’s research in childhood adversity and the education system
  • The need for greater support for teachers 
  • The consequences of Pre-school expulsions and suspensions
  • Alysse’s experience having a child and understanding attachment directly 


Learn more about Alysse and her research: https://faculty.utah.edu/u6025588-ALYSSE_M._LOOMIS/research/index.hml

Follow Alysse on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlysseLoomis


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