My guest today is Dr. David Puder. Dr. Puder is a board certified psychiatrist and host of the amazing Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Podcast. If you are a mental health professional, I highly suggest this podcast. Each episode is so well researched and presented that it is like going to a training each time you listen. Dr. Puder was most recently on faculty at Loma Linda University where he was the medical director of a partial program and intensive outpatient program. Towards the end of the episode, we talk about his recent relocation across country and how he’s using this time as an opportunity to connect with values. Dr. Puder is an incredibly fascinating and thoughtful person whom I’ve learned so much from both in this conversation and through his podcast. 

In this episode we explore a range of topics including: 

  • David’s history as an athlete
  • What sparked his interest in philosophy and understanding suffering at a young age
  • The importance of doing our own inner work as mental health professionals
  • The historical roots of helpers doing their own inner work
  • The difference between therapy modalities
  • The importance of feedback in life; David’s personal mentors
  • The framework of the hero’s journey
  • The trauma of confronting malevolence within others or ourselves
  • Understanding and integrating our own shadow or darkness
  • How we can use ourselves a barometer for a client’s experience 
  • Dr. Puder’s current transition stage of life


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