My guest today is Cory Allen. Cory is an author, podcast host, meditation teacher and audio engineer from Austin, Texas.

His podcast, The Astral Hustle, where he discusses mindfulness, neuroscience, and philosophy has been featured by the New York Times. He has written a book called Now is the Way which explores an unconventional approach to modern mindfulness.  Cory has also created an amazing meditation course called Release Into Now – I was first introduced to Cory when  I took his course several years ago.

We dive into a range of topics on this episode including: 

  • Following your own curiosity in podcasting
  • Cory’s process of figuring out what success means for him personally
  • Cory picks Tom’s brain on holding space for others 
  • Setting boundaries with love
  • Validating emotional wounds from childhood
  • And how to find peace by embracing the impermanence of life 


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Cory’s book, Now Is The Way:


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