My guest today is Dr. Miles Neale, PsyD. Miles is a Buddhist psychotherapist in private practice and founder of the two-year online Contemplative Studies Program. Author of Gradual Awakening and co-editor of Advances in Contemplative Psychotherapy. Miles is a faculty member of Tibet House (US) and Weill Cornell Medical College. With more than twenty years integrating the mind science and meditative practices of Tibetan Buddhism with psychotherapy, trauma research and neuroscience, Miles is a forerunner in the emerging field of contemplative psychotherapy, and leads pilgrimages around the Buddhist world.

In this episode we explore:

  • Miles’ contemplative studies programs
  • The importance of fully integrating fundamentals 
  • How Miles’s childhood informed his spiritual life
  • Using your presence to help another person feel truly safe 
  • And how we can bring a deeper sense of consciousness to our therapy work and every day lives


Dr. Miles Neale’s website:



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