My guest today is Debbie Sorensen, PhD. Debbie is a psychologist in private practice in Denver, Colorado, and a part-time Clinical Research Psychologist at the Rocky Mountain VA MIRECC for Suicide Prevention. She co-created and co-hosts the popular psychology podcast Psychologists Off the Clock. Further, she is a co-author of the book ACT Daily Journal: Get Unstuck and Live Fully with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Along with Diana Hill PhD who was also on the podcast). Debbie has presented her work nationally and internationally at ACBS World Conferences and has served as a lecturer in the psychology department at Harvard University. 

In this episode we explore:

  • How Debbie found her way to ACT
  • The value of emotional openness and present moment awareness
  • Debbie’s reflections on collaboration 
  • Challenges associated with having a public voice
  • Debbie’s clinical work with those impacted by burnout
  • Being a therapist when we are dealing with our own life stressors


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Psychologists Off The Clock:


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