Thomas Parkes LCSW

Tom is a licensed psychotherapist out of Durham, NC. He created Mentally Flexible as a way to coalesce many of his core interests into one project. Tom’s mission is to align his passion for meaningful conversation with his core value of being of service to others. He hopes that you may open yourself up to new ideas and build greater mental flexibility through this podcast.

Professional History

Tom began his career working at a community support center where he provided case management for youth involved in the juvenile justice system. After obtaining his MSW, Tom’s interests led him to focus on clinical work at the outpatient level. Here he developed a strong interest in the therapeutic approach Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – which is the inspiration for the podcast, Mentally Flexible.

Throughout the past several years, Tom has also served as a Consultant and Trainer for Advanced Trauma Solutions. This position has allowed him to train hundreds of people around the country in the treatment of trauma-related disorders through the evidence-based treatment, TARGET. In this role he was able to have unique experiences like developing treatment interventions for the Native American communities, individuals impacted by gun violence in Chicago, and the Connecticut Juvenile Justice System.